Breughel in Yuzhny seaport: a modern dredging fleet from the world’s leading company

The modern dredging vessel Breughel of the Belgian company Novadeal has arrived at the seaport of Yuzhny to implement the project of operational dredging of the water area and the internal approach channel. Thanks to the invitation of the administration of the seaport of Yuzhny, SHIPPING visited the vessel to assess its considerable technical capabilities.

In the summer of this year USPA, in the person of the administration of the seaport of Yuzhny, signed an agreement with Novadeal Ltd (part of the Deme structure) to conduct operational dredging of the inner water area and the internal approach channel of the port. The contractor was determined in the open auction in the electronic system Prozorro. The total cost of the project exceeds UAH 96 million. The planned volume of dredging is more than 411,000 cubic meters.

In early November, a self-hauling dredge Breughel arrived in Yuzhny, and soon a small plough-vessel Odin joined it.

…We boarded the main dredging vessel. As the chief engineer of the administration of the seaport of Yuzhny Dmitry Karaman said, this is the dredger of the highest class of those which ever visited Yuzhny.

Breughel is a modern ship built in 2011. The maximum possible depth of dredging is 43 meters. The vessel can take up to 11,000 cubic meters of soil in loading holds at a time. For all that – it’s a self-hauling dredger, and is capable of delivering the dredged soil to the dump on its own. By the way, the dump, which is used for operational dredging in the water area of Yuzhny is at a distance of 7.3 kilometers from the port gate.

Another great feature of Breughel is that, in addition to dredging, it is able to do beach nourishment.

Senior assistant captain Lars shows the wheelhouse control of the ship. According to him, at a particular time, the dredge can be controlled by one person.

— Here is the control of traffic, speed. Here are the parameters of the measurements. The situation with depths – how much has been done, how much remains to be taken out – we can see the regime in real time, he says.

Captain Klaas Ouwehand takes over the baton. He leads us along the deck and shows the loading hold for the ground. In it the device for changing the draft of the vessel, taking into account the soil and water collected in the holds is placed.

Next, we see a powerful dredger. Its total weight is 42 tons. When working with soil from two additional pumps, a pressure of 15 atmospheres is applied – to soften the ground before its intake. The captain says that every four to five days the work of the gear tooth is erased and needs to be replaced. By the way, for different types of soil different teeth are used – for sand, soft soils, stones, etc.

Klaas Ouwehand proudly shows us the engine room. We see the pumps that put pressure in the dredger, they are connected to the second engine of the ship. And the main “spectacle” here is the main pump (weighing 80 tons!), сonnected to the main engine.

… This is the first experience of Novadeal in Ukraine. At the same time, the leaders of USPA and the port of Yuzhny are confident that cooperation with the Belgian company will become a new, successful page for the national maritime industry.

“USPA welcomes the arrival of the Novadeal dredging fleet to the port of Yuzhny. Mobilization of ships took place in advance, which confirms the responsibility and reliability of our partner. We expect that the best European experience will be realized in high quality and speed of work execution,” USPA Head Raivis Veckagans said.

As the head of the port of Yuzhny administration Maxim Shirokov emphasized, the contract with the Belgian company was the third project aimed at increasing the port’s capacity and increasing its investment attractiveness. “Work on the project is necessary to maintain the passport depths of the water area of the port of Yuzhny and ensure safety of navigation in the operational water areas of berths №2-4, 7-9, 16, 17, 3H and 38,” he said.

It is planned that the dredging works will continue for some more weeks.

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