Video: the moment of the crash of the bulk carrier Arvin

The Maritime-executive portal reports that a new video of the Turkish Ministry of Transport has appeared, which shows how the Arvin ship could not withstand the pressure of the elements and broke. You can see the moment when the case broke. After that, Arvin began to sink.

A video taken from another nearby vessel shows the bow sinking under the water (below). After that, the sailors gave a distress signal and began the evacuation. At the time there were 12 people on board — 10 Ukrainians and two citizens of Russia. One of the Russians, the captain of the ship, was among the dead. The initial search was interrupted by bad weather, but six crew members were rescued.

“In this video, we see how seafarers depend on shipbuilders for their lives, even as the sheet metal of the 46-year-old vessel has reached its ultimate strength. Just as it is obvious that the MV Bilal Bal will sink four years ago, it was also obvious that the MV Arvin would sink, ”said the Marine Workers’ Platform of Turkey.

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