General position

International magazine » Shipping «, which is registered and active according to requirements legislation Journal of Ukraine » Sudnoplavstvo » undertakes the obligations concerning protection personal data everyone persons who _ visited this site, in connection with which aspires protect privacy personal data ( information or totality information about an identified natural person or can be identified ), thereby creating and providing the most comfortable conditions use of the Site for each user. In this Politicians privacy and security personal data the procedure for processing by the journal » Sudnoplavstvo » is established personal data, types personal data which are going , goals use of such personal data, interaction of » Shipping » with third parties, security measures for protection personal data, terms of access to personal data, as well as contact information for the user of obtaining access, making changes, blocking or removal their own personal data and dealing with any questions which they can occur in the user regarding the practice of protection personal data.

Collection and use personal data

When using by the user of the » Shipping » Site processing data user , namely :

— files cookie;

— IP addresses;

— parameters and settings Internet browsers ( User — agent ).

When visiting the Site, they are recorded all inputs to the system. Others data concerning traffic user data are not processed or stored. In any case when asked optional information, the user will be notified at the time of collection such information. » Shipping » does not collect personal data that _ reveal racial or ethnic affiliation, political beliefs, religious or philosophical beliefs, or membership in professional unions, genetic biometric data _ data for a single purpose identification of a natural person, data regarding the state of health or sexual data _ life natural person or her sexual orientation. » Shipping » collects data on website visit statistics. Data they can to contain information about the connection, traffic, the user’s browser, as well as about the date, time, duration work in the network Internet and being on the Site.

Processing personal data

Processing and storage provided personal data is carried out in the data centers where it is located equipment that provides functioning services of the Site. Provided personal data processed and can stored in the database personal data or separate tables base Site data . Place storage and processing personal data is located at the address : Ukraine, Odesa, st. Zhelyabova, 4V.

Objectives using personal data

Personal data user are used for purposes software granting Internet services of the Site, exchange information / news, relations in the field advertising and communication.

Term storage personal given by x

Personal data are stored term no more than it necessary according to their purpose processing. After the subject personal data ceased to be a user of the Site by deletion his own accounting record on the Site, his personal data are also automatically deleted.

Using files cookie

Cookie is _ text file or files that _ contain a small volume information that _ are sent to the web browser and stored on the device user _ To such devices you can take away computer , mobile phone or another device , using whose user visits the Site. Files cookie can be eternal (they are called permanent cookie files ) and stored on the computer until user will not delete them or temporary ( such files cookie are called session ), that is , are stored only until the browser is closed . In addition , files cookie are divided into main ones (they are installed directly visited Site) and third parties ( are installed other websites).

Important :

• at a repeat visit by the user of the Site, data files cookie are updated;

• in the majority cases , the default web browser allows automatic storage files cookies on the device user ;

• disconnection files cookie may lead to restricted access to published materials and/ or inferior functioning services of the Site.

» Shipping » takes care of its own users and tries do stay on the Site as comfortable as possible. For this, » Shipping » needs help files cookie to analyze behavior, preferences and interests user Such analysis will help » Shipping » to improve experience interaction with the Site, determine most comfortable interface and navigation of the Site.

» Shipping » uses such categories files cookie:

— strictly necessary files cookie — required for movement of the user on the web page, implementation search on the Site, implementation memorization previous ones actions user when switching to the previous one page in the same session.

— operational files cookie — aggregate information about how the Site is used. These data stored on the device user between web browser sessions. Examples of such data the following metrics can be : time spent on the Site, most frequently visited pages, understanding, which exactly sections and services of the Site were most interesting for the user, to what extent effective and whether the other advertising and/ or marketing campaign etc. All information collected using operational files cookie intended for statistical and analytical tasks. Some data files cookie they can to be provided to third parties who have permission from the web resource and only for those specified above goals

— functional files cookie — used for storage parameters or configurations which _ stored on the device user between web browser sessions. Data files cookie also allow users watch video , participate in interactives ( polls , voting ) and interact with social networks. In order to do more pleasant impression after visits to the resource are specified files cookie remember provided by the user information , increasing efficiency interaction with the Site.

— targeted files cookies — are used to provide content that may interest user _ These data stored on the device user between web browser sessions. Examples of such data the following metrics can be : tracking recommended text, graphic , audio and video material to avoid re-display, management targeted advertising, evaluation efficiency advertising campaigns , information about visits by the user others resources during transitions, as well as others parameters Site settings . The site can share this one information with other parties, including media clients , advertisers , agencies and related partners businesses in order for them to provide quality targeted advertising.

— with ookie — files outsiders services and services analysts:

Trace to turn attention that the Site cannot to influence to work files cookies, which are used by these services. All necessary information about them using you can find out by visiting appropriate resource.

Conditions using Google Analytics —

Policy privacy service TNS Ukraine laid out on the page

Policy privacy service Gemius laid out on the page

Cookie management:

The main web browsers ( listed below ) are set to automatic reception files cookie _ In order to their turn off take advantage of function references in your browsers . Help you can call through the menu or using the F 1 button.

Microsoft Edge —

Mozilla Firefox —

Google Chrome —

Opera —

Safari for macOS —

Important :

configuration settings cookies for _ web browsers mobile devices may to differ worth remind that _ full working with the Site available only at use cookie files ; disconnection cookies can _ bring to limitation access to content and inferior functioning services Site . In order to to apply to » Shipping » regarding using cookies , send message on electronic mail at Information about users , which received by help cookies , no for sale and not spread in the open access , and is also property the company to which belongs to resource .

Interaction Site with others resources

At use by the user Site on him pages they can be present codes others Internet resources and third parties persons , as a result what such Internet resources and others persons receive data user _ So , these Internet resources they can receive and process information about _ that which _ user visited these pages , as well as the other information that _ transmits browser user _

Such Internet resources can be:

— systems banner displays ( for example , DoubleClick for Publishers, Admixer , AdRiver and etc. );

— social plugins networks ( for example , Discus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+);

— chat bots ( ManyChat , Chatfuel and etc. ).

Using specified » Shipping » services are necessary for operational analysis visits Site , internal and external evaluations attendance Site , depth views , activity users . Data received _ from specified » Sudnoplavstvo » does not store or process services . Accordingly , if the user for any reason does not want to specified services got access to it personal data , user maybe on your own desire go out with his own account or profile , clear files cookie (through your browser).

Security minors

The site is not intended for minors users . » Shipping » very much takes matters seriously security , especially regarding persons who have not reached coming of age , in connection with which » Sudnoplavstvo » appeals to the parents from call to explain his own children about problems security on the Internet , about them the specific purpose and need for using the Site.

Interaction of » Shipping » with third parties regarding personal data

» Sudnoplavstvo » does not transfer personal data data to third parties, except cases when such transfer is a requirement legislation , upon request subject personal data or in others cases set forth in this Politicians . » Shipping » understands that personal information is valuable and indispensable _ content , including personal _ non-property rights of any kind natural person, therefore uses everyone possible measures for protection personal information users , voluntarily and consciously transferred the last » Shipping «. On the Site there may be links to other websites ( exclusively informational _ purposes ). When going through a link to other websites action this one Such policies _ sites will not spread . In this connection , » Sudnoplavstvo » recommends to view policy in the field privacy and personal data of each website before transmitting any personal data by which you can be tracked to identify

Privacy activity subject personal data on the Site

Information about activity ( traffic ) on the Site users who _ pass through the network or electronic mail user are protected in accordance with the law.

Protection personal data

» Shipping » uses generally accepted standards technological and operational protection information and personal data from loss , misuse , change or destruction _ However , in spite of everything efforts , » Shipping » cannot guarantee absolute security from any _ threats that _ occur outside of the » Shipping » regulation . » Shipping » provides application everyone relevant obligations of compliance privacy , as well as technical and organizational measures safety to prevent unauthorized or illegal disclosure or processing such information and data , their random loss , destruction or damage _ » Sudnoplavstvo » provides access to information and personal data data only authorized employees who agreed to provide _ _ privacy such information and data in accordance with the requirements of » Shipping «. Spread personal data without consent subject personal data or a person authorized by him is allowed in the cases specified by law, and only ( if it necessary ) in the interests national security , economic welfare and human rights.

Terms of access to personal data

Access to personal information data the third persons is defined conditions consent user provided _ the owner personal data for processing these data or in accordance with the requirements of the law. User has the right to receive any any information about yourself subject relations related to personal _ data , provided designation surnames , first and patronymics , places residence ( places stay ) and details of the document that certifies a natural person who submits a request, except cases established by law. The user has access to data about himself free of charge.

Rights of the subject personal data

» Shipping » informs the user about his rights as a subject personal data which _ regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Protection personal data «, namely:

1) know about sources collection , location their own personal data , their purpose processing , location or place residence ( stay ) of the owner or manager personal data or give appropriate authorization of receiving this one information to persons authorized by him, except cases established by law;

2) receive information about conditions providing access to personal data , in particular information about third parties persons who _ are transmitted him personal data;

3) to access their own personal data;

4) to receive no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt request , except cases provided for by law, the answer about whether are processed him personal data , as well as get the content of such personal data;

5) present motivated requirement the owner personal data from objection against processing their own personal data;

6) present motivated requirement of changes or destruction their own personal data to anyone owner and administrator personal data , if these data are processed illegally or are unreliable;

7) for protection their own personal data from illegal processing and random loss , destruction , damage due to intentional _ concealment , failure to provide or untimely their providing , as well as for protection from granting information that is unreliable _ or disgrace honor, dignity and business reputation natural person;

8) apply from processing complaints _ their own personal data to the Commissioner Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights or to court;

9) apply remedies in case _ _ violation protection legislation _ personal data;

10) make reservation concerning restriction of the right to processing their own personal data at the time of provision consent _

11) withdraw consent to processing personal data ;

12) know the mechanism automatic processing personal data ;

13) for protection from automated decision that has for him legal consequences _

To update , gain access, enter changes , blocking or removal their own personal data , recall consent to processing personal data which _ were provided by you to » Shipping » in accordance with this Policy , or in case the presence of any comments , wishes or claims regarding your personal data which _ are processed by » Shipping «, please contact » Shipping «: e-mail by mail to or write a letter to the address: 65033, Odesa, Zhelyabova St. , 4.

Change Politicians

To this one Politicians periodically and without prior notice message user about this they can to enter changes and additions , including when changing requirements legislation . In case introduction essential changes to this one » Shipping » policies will be posted notice on the Site and indicated term recruiting by these changes validity _ If for specified You will not refuse the term from their acceptance in writing form , this will mean that you agree with the relevant ones changes Politicians . Please check back from time to time Politics in order to be aware of any changes or additions.