Good news: crew of Bulgarian bulk carrier Stevia, kidnapped by pirates, has been released

Splash247 reports that according to an update provided by Ambrey, the entire crew abducted by the pirates from the bulk carrier Stevia has been released. Recall that the vessel, which is operated by the Bulgarian company Naviborn, was attacked on December 16 near the Brass sea terminal in Nigeria. The 11,990 DWT Stevia registered in Cameroon was en route from southern Nigeria to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire when the crew was attacked. Eight crew members, six citizens of Ukraine and two citizens of Albania, were abducted from the ship. According to Ambrey, the crew was released in Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

The death toll among sailors in the Gulf of Guinea continues to rise. The threat to seafarers in the region remains high.

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