Three bodies found after ARVIN ship sinks off Turkey’s Black Sea

Interfax reports that three bodies found after ARVIN ship sinks off Turkey’s Black Sea. «According to the Turkish authorities, six crew members were rescued (five citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of the Russian Federation), the bodies of three dead sailors were found (the procedure for their identification continues)», — the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Monday.

The rescued have already been hospitalized in the local hospital in Bartyn. The search and rescue operation continues. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey and consular officers arrived in Bartin to provide the injured Ukrainians with consular assistance and coordinate interaction with the Turkish competent authorities on the spot. Let’s remind that the dry cargo ship Arvin sank on Sunday off the coast of Turkey in the Black Sea. According to preliminary information, the cause of the accident was a severe storm.

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