Autonomous e-trucks to be tested in Helsingborg

The Port of Helsingborg has partnered with Einride, a Swedish tech company, to develop an autonomous, electric transport system within the seaport’s premises. Writes by Balticictransportjournal.
«Einride’s solution, for self-driving, electric trucks, is based on a variety of technologies, for example advanced safety systems and sensors like lidars, radars, and cameras, used to position the vehicle and observe its surroundings. Self-driving technology for Einride is not an end itself, but is an important enabler for future sustainable transport. Vehicles without cab are naturally lighter and can be developed and designed for electric propulsion,» the company wrote in a press release.

Mats Fernebrand, Purchasing Manager, the Port of Helsingborg, commented, «The innovation partnership with Einride means exploring new and uncharted territory together. The National Agency for Public Procurement has been helpful throughout the tender process, something we are really grateful for as we continue to work towards our intermediate goals.»

He also highlighted, «In the third quarter of 2021, we hope to have a pilot in place to transport containers between two different parts in our port area. As the last level and step three, the vehicles should be able to drive 4-5 kilometres outside the port.»

«The Innovation Partnership with the Port of Helsingborg will enable us to explore how autonomous, electric trucks can contribute to both effective and safe transports in harbour areas while radically reducing CO2 emissions. We look forward to the partnership with Port of Helsingborg and the opportunity to be part of their continued journey to become the most modern port in the Nordic region,» Robert Falck, CEO and Founder, Einride, added.

The project kicked off on 1 October with analysing the transport flow in the port area.


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