Ukrzaliznytsya upgrades the strategic railway line of Volnovakha — Kamysh-Zarya for UAH 460 million

Ukrzaliznytsya has completed the modernization of the strategic railway branch of Volnovakha-Kamysh-Zarya and opened the train movement on the new two-lane Zachatyevsky-Razezd-Khlebodarovka railway, where 15.5 km of the route was built. The press service of the US reports about it.

Ukrzaliznytsia has built more than 34.4 km of new routes, which has significantly increased the opportunities for cargo transportation in the strategic Mariupol direction. During the 2016-2019 years, the company has allocated UAH 460 million of its own funds for the implementation of the project.

«After occupation of part of Donetsk region Mariupol was cut off from Ukraine. With the city there was actually no car service, so far no flights are operated. And only the railway remained the thin thread that connected this city with the whole of Ukraine. And for all these years we have provided transportation not only for passengers but also for cargo. Thereby, they ensured the functioning of the enterprises of the region that give employment to the population. In addition, under these conditions, we were able to build a new track in the direction of Mariupol, which is a pledge for the further successful development of the region,» – said the head of Ukrzaliznytsia, Evgeny Kravtsov.


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