NCSP Volumes for 10M 2017 totaled 119.8 million tons

NCSP Group (Novorossiisk, Russia) hereby reports that its consolidated cargo turnover for January-October 2017 totaled 119 792 thousand tons.

Commenting on 10M 2017 operating results CEO of PJSC NCSP Sultan Batov said: «Storm warnings in October lasted over seven days, one day longer than the month before, while Russian Railways restricted dispatch of any cargo to Novorossiysk, except grain, for three days at the beginning of the month.

Despite these drawbacks NCSP Group increased monthly turnover by 12.7% in October versus September 2017. Transshipment of crude oil, diesel fuel, and fuel oil at Scheskharis terminal in Novorossiysk increased by 24%, 39%, and 75% compared to that of September 2017. Additionally in October we established a new record in grain transshipment, which rose 9.5% versus September and reached 1 218 thousand tons.

Monthly volumes of ferrous metals, iron, coal, and containers respectively hiked 9%, 64%, 19%, and 54% in October compared to September». Transshipment of liquid cargo in January-October 2017 totaled 89 441 thousand tons, including 63 498 thousand tons of crude oil; 25 070 thousand tons of refined oil products; 521 thousand tons of UAN liquid fertilizer, and 353 thousand tons of seed oils. Transshipment of bulk cargo for 10M 2017 increased by 3 572 thousand tons or 35.7% year-on-year, and reached 13 574 thousand tons. Transshipment of grain in the reporting period increased by 3 859 thousand tons or 80% year-on-year and totaled 8 682 thousand tons.

Volumes of coal in January-October 2017 increased by 232 thousand tons or 15.7% year-on-year and reached 1 717 thousand tons. Transshipment of iron ore and ore concentrate, chemical cargo, and sugar comprised 2 112 thousand tons, 611 thousand tons, and 452 thousand tons respectively.

Transshipment of general cargo in January-October 2017 totaled 11 541 thousand tons, incusing 10 035 thousand tons of ferrous metals and pig iron, 953 thousand tons of non-ferrous metals, 336 thousand tons of timber, and 218 thousand tons of perishable cargo. Volumes of non-ferrous metals are up 20 thousand tons or 2.2% year-on-year.

Container traffic in the reporting period comprised 4 909 thousand tons or 488 thousand TEU, growing 11.6% year-on-year in tons, and 24.6% year-on-year in TEU.

Transshipment of other cargo in January-October 2017 totaled 327 thousand tons.

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