No paperwork: MSC offers a new digital solution for online bill of lading processing

MSC’s press service announced that it is offering its customers a new digital solution for online bill of lading processing called eBL. It is now available at Customers can register and start using the service without any changes or interruption to day-to-day business operations.


This convenient solution ensures that all parties involved in a freight booking can process, transmit, confirm and manage the bill of lading electronically through a secure decentralized network.

“With MSC eBL, there is no more paperwork, postage, delays or interruptions: you and your business partners can simply transfer a document with one click. And all this without any changes or disruptions in day-to-day work, ”the message says.

Among the advantages, the company highlighted: no risk of loss of documents, forgery or fraud, speed of document transfer, paperless process, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, availability from any device 24/7, no courier fees and reduced bank fees.

Magazine «Shipping» Odessa

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