In 2018 Baleària transported over 4.320,000 passengers

Spanish ferry company Baleària carried a total of 4.320,000 passengers in 2018, up by 11 percent year-over-year (YOY).

As informed, the number of passengers exceeded a million on international routes in 2018.

What is more, the company’s vessels transported 1.209,000 vehicles on its 23 routes, a YOY increase of 17%.

“The foreign market now accounts for 22% of the Baleària group’s overall figures,” Adolfo Utor, Baleària’s president, explained.

On these lines, passenger growth was 26% while sales exceeded EUR 84 million (USD 94.4 million), a rise of 16%. Half of the group’s passengers travelled the lines connecting the Iberian Peninsula to northern Africa; thus, northern Africa is the area where the Valencia-based shipping company is growing the most.

With respect to cargo, which accounts for half of Baleària’s business, Utor indicated that growth was 3.5%, with 5.800,000 linear meters of goods carried.

“Cargo is currently concentrated in the Balearic Islands with 79% of the total but it’s a very mature market meaning growth comes from the rest of the routes,” Utor said. He also underlined the cargo port’s operational digitization.


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