Rostock joins ALIS

The German Baltic port has joined the Rome-headquartered ALIS, the Logistic Association of Sustainable Intermodality, as an honorary member.

The Port of Rostock is the Association’s 33rd honorary member and the 10th from outside Italy.

«With the membership of important European ports, as Rostock, we are continuing to pursue ALIS Europe’s goals, offering new opportunities to our member companies and promoting sustainable development and competitive levels’ growth in the global market,» Guido Grimaldi, President, ALIS, and Corporate Short Sea Shipping Commercial Director, Grimaldi Group, commented.

ALIS was founded in the Italian capital in October 2016 with the aim of «giving voice» to the intermodal logistic sector. The Association’s network currently counts more than 1,430 member companies, over 153,000 workforce units, a fleet of over 106,000 vehicles, with more than 140,500 annual maritime connections and more than 125 EU Motorways of the Sea.


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