Welcome: port of Izmail included in cross-border tourist route

The press service of the USPA on the page on the social network Facebook said that now the port of Izmail has become one of the points on the cross-border tourist route.

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“A cruise passenger ship with foreign tourists will come from Romania to Izmail in the near future on a permanent basis. This was the result of successful cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and Romania in the field of tourism development, ”the message says.

Interestingly, this is the first project in a decade when the tourist flow is focused on visiting Izmail. Tourists will be in Ukraine for about three days. They will be able to learn more about history, culture, folklore, national cuisine and much more. An excursion to Odessa is also in the plans.

Recall that all this was planned and discussed back in 2019 at the I International Forum «Development of tourism in Ukrainian Danube ports, the path to economic growth in the region.» Then an important memorandum of cooperation was signed between the municipal institution of the Izmail City Council «Investment Promotion Bureau» and the Association for the Management of Tourism Destinations and Facilities of the Danube Delta (Romania).

“And finally, two years later, we can state that the meeting and signing of the memorandum will be the first results. For several reasons, including the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the project was postponed, ”the USPA press service noted.

The first groups of tourists in March have already visited the Romanian part of the cruise route, but the date of the ship’s call to Izmail was postponed. All because of the quarantine restrictions. But very soon, as soon as the epidemiological situation in Ukraine improves, the cruise ship «DIANA» is expected to enter the port of Izmail.

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