The Israel Railway Company took care of passengers who did not want to have noisy and talkative companions by launching a new service

The Israel railway company «Rakevet Israel» suggested that passengers buying tickets choose a carriage in which they should not speak loudly with their neighbors or by telephone. This is reported on the website of the carrier, as reports «Beep».

Thus, in two cars of each train, restrictions on calls and emotional conversations are now provided. Passengers who do not want to listen all the way to finding out other people’s work and personal issues can reserve seats in them.

As noted on the site, in a car with reserved seats, you should observe silence during the trip and refrain from talking on mobile phones. If silence is not observed, the staff will be entitled to make a remark to the passenger.

Such carriages will run only from Sunday to Friday. Exceptions are holiday dates and days, which the company undertakes to notify in advance.


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