MOL tests a vessel on renewable biodiesel

Japanese shipping company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has completed trials of one of its tugboats using a special new generation biodiesel fuel developed by Euglena Co., Ltd. This biodiesel is renewable. It is made from waste vegetable oil and euglena, a special type of algae similar to brown algae.

Euglena Co.’s GREEN OIL JAPAN Declaration aims to ensure Japan’s global leadership in biofuel production. The company completed work on a biofuel demonstration plant in October 2018 and has set itself the goal of establishing a biofuel business as an industry by 2030, introducing its biofuels on land, sea and air and supporting biofuel production and use across Japan. To date, 32 corporations and local governments have agreed to the declaration.

The euglena biodiesel fuel used in the test was transported from euglena Co., the demonstration plant for production of bio jet/diesel fuels in Yokohama and supplied to the 13 Tamashio in berth at the Nagoya Port Garden Pier.

The test was conducted with the cooperation of the Nagoya Port Authority.

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