E-commerce Ladingo was invested by ZIM

E-commerce platform Ladingo was invested by Container line ZIM.

New digital offers a shipping solution to international customers buying large and bulky items.

Ladingo had just closed its latest $1m funding round.

B2C e-commerce purchases internationally rely almost exclusively on shipping via air freight which limits the size and weight of shipments.

Ladingo was founded in January 2018, aims to enable online shops selling “We see tremendous potential in Ladingos’ platform, providing a real breakthrough simplifying the complex supply chain process all the way to the end-users’ homes. We believe that developments like Ladingo will lead to a significant change in global trade. ZIM strives to be a leader in the promotion of these processes.”, — commented Assaf Tiran, ZIM.

Hagar Valiano Rips, CEO of Ladingo, mentioned: “When it comes to the revolution we are leading, item location, size and weight have no significance, and there is no longer a need for inventory. Looking a couple of years ahead, we will all buy directly from sellers or manufacturers abroad – without any intermediaries.»

Ladingo was founded in January 2018, aims to enable online shops selling large and bulky items such as furniture, bicycles, fitness equipment and garden equipment to customers internationally with a container sharing solution.

Ladingo is currently piloting its system with several customers in the US.


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