Hong Kong Record Drug Seizure Reflects Changed Tactics due to COVID-19

Hong Kong Customs made a record seizure of illegal narcotics at the end of last week being smuggled in a container through the port. While the seizure was notable for its size, officials also said it reflected the impact the pandemic is having on the tactics used by smugglers.

Unfortunately, «Shipping» magazine constantly has publishing materials, where it talks about the finds of drugs in containers. This also applies to Ukrainian ports.

Through a risk assessment, Customs officers said they had determined to examine a 40-feet transshipment container at the Tsing Yi Customs Cargo Examination Compound on October 29. The manifest declared its contents as a consignment of 1,168 bags of cement.

An initial visual inspection of the contents raised suspicions because they noted that approximately a quarter of the bags appeared swollen. Weighing the bags, however, revealed that they were lighter than the others. That lead to an x-ray of the bags which showed suspicious shapes contained within the cement bags.

During the search, Customs officers reported that they found two vacuum-packed cartons hidden in each of the 251 cement-loaded bags in the consignment. Inside each carton, they found two bags, later determined to each be carrying approximately 500 grams methamphetamine, commonly known as «ice.»

In total, the authorities seized over 500 kilograms of the drug with an estimated market value of US$39 million.

Customs officials said that they believe the drug smugglers chose this unusual route to avoid customs inspections and surveillance. They also noted that because the pandemic has restricted individuals from traveling the smugglers have been unable to use “mules” to transport the narcotics. As such, they believe the smugglers resorted to larger bulk shipments. Most of the drugs being smuggled they said were traditionally discovered through the use of mules.

Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, trafficking in a dangerous drug is a serious offense in Hong Kong. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of US$645,000 and life imprisonment.

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