The Adhesives and Sealants Sector is getting prepared to open up to the world market through Adhesive &Sealant Eurasia

Adhesive & Sealants Eurasia, the unique an exhibition in Turkey for the Adhesives and Sealants Sector, which has an increasing contribution to the Turkish economy, will be held between 25-27 October 2018 in the Istanbul Expo Center.

The Adhesives, Sealants, Production and Application Equipment Exhibition, Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia will be held concurrently with the Eurasian Composites Show and InterDye & Textile Printing Eurasia Fair in the Halls 9, 10, and 11 of the Istanbul Expo Center and will create a strong synergy in the industrial adhesives and sealants sector.

Using various chemicals required both for the industry and the daily life, the adhesive sector is used in numerous industrial fields, especially in the packaging and paper industries, wood working, maintenance and repair sector, building, construction, and flooring sector, shoes & leather sector, and electronic and electro-technology.

The adhesives and sealants sector, which mainly exports to Turkic Republics, Middle East, and North African countries, has been increasing its export figures also in Turkey every day. In this context, the annual export figure of the sector is about 180 million USD.

Today, one or multiple types of adhesives are used in almost every product ranging from a small package to an automobile, from white goods to furniture sector.  Therefore, various adhesives and sealant ranging from anaerobic curing adhesives to contact adhesives, from reactive sealants to hardeners, from plastisol adhesives to water-based adhesives constitute the building block of the adhesives and sealants sector.

The specialized fairs on the production and application of adhesives and sealants are held in many countries in the international arena. However, there is a sectoral gap in this field in Turkey and also the adhesives and sealants manufacturers require organizing fairs related specifically to their fields. In this regard, it has been aimed to give a new impulse to the sector by laying the foundations of the Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia Exhibition in the leadership of Artkim, the leading exhibition organization company for the specialized fairs and the chemical sector. In particular, the importance given to the quality in the production, the increasing value-added production, and the R&D investments by the domestic producers in the adhesives and sealants sector shows that the Adhesives and Sealants Sector will grow steadily in Turkey in the coming years.

Conference Program Enriched by Important Names of the Adhesives and Sealants Sector,Academic Presentations,Product Promotions, Innovations

The Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia 2018 Exhibition will host commercial and technical presentations for three days with the presentations of the participating companies and academics in the Conference Presentations section to be arranged in the exhibition area. The participants and the visitors will have the opportunity to see the latest technological developments and products related to the sector and to exhibit their products and services at the fair area thus ensuring not to get behind the adhesives and the sealants sector.

Do not Miss the Launching of Adhesive & Sealant Exhibition which is the Only Meeting of the Adhesives and Sealants Sector in Turkey!

Being the only exhibition of the sector in Turkey and held biennially, the «Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia Exhibition «will host the exhibitors and the visitors at the Halls 9, 10, 11 and the Main Foyer in Istanbul Expo Center between 25-27 October 2018. Do not forget to note down the Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia Exhibition in your diary to take part in this great meeting.

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