Alexeу Vadatursky – General Director of the Agroholding «Nibulon» and Hero of Ukraine. His name has reputable positions in the ratings «TOP-20 most successful Ukrainian managers» and «TOP-100 stakeholders of Ukraine».

In September 2019, Alexei Afanasievych celebrated his another birthday.

Presently, Nibulon is one of the Ukrainian agroleaders, flagship at the river shipping market and locomotive of the national shipbuilding. The history of the company success is not simple, but proud on the other hand. But the most important is that the history is inextricably bound up with the name of its eternal chieftain, Alexeу Vadatursky.

At the origins of NIBULON

The biography of the celebrated reeks with outlandish diplomas, master degrees and has a small beginning.

Alexeу Afanasievych is from Bendzari Village, Balta District of Odessa Region. His parents are simple peasants, who taught him to love the land – a difficult but honourable work. He therefore decided to engage himself in the agri-sphere.

In 1971, he graduated from Odessa Technological Institute named after Lomonosov in the speciality «Automation and Complex Mechanisation of Chemical Technology Processes» and made his first independent steps in production at the Trikraty Bakery Complex. He worked as Head of the Production Department and Deputy Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Grain Processing Department.

1991 became momentous in the life and professional activity of Alexeу Vadatursky. An agricultural enterprise «NIBULON» was founded in Mykolaiv. A.A. Vadatursky became its owner and general director.

For 28 years, this small agricultural enterprise in Mykolaiv has become an entire holding, the activity of which covers the agricultural, logistic, infrastructural, shipbuilding and shipping industries of Ukraine. Alexeу Afanasievich is foremost credited with it, as he is a competent administrator and sustainable manager, who reasonably uses the potential capacity of the Ukrainian chernozem (black soil), does everything above and beyond the call of duty so to revive the Ukrainian rivers and return the ancient glory of a country of shipbuilders to Ukraine.

Per aspera ad prospera 

The team of professionals led by Alexeу Afanasievich breaks all the principles, stereotypes step by step by overcoming obstructed Passovers of imperfect Ukrainian laws, and shows adequate results.

Thus, Nibulon was started with the enthusiasm of seven specialists 28 years ago, and now 7000 people work here.

Nowadays, the agricultural holding exports to more than 70 countries in the world. Its foreign partners: Egypt, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, France, Norway, Japan, USA.

In July 2019, Nibulon opened its 27th grain terminal in Zaporizhia, Ternovka Village. Now it is the most up-to-date high-tech river handling terminal in Ukraine. This project had investments of 23 bln USD for its implementation. At the end of 2018/2019 marketing year, the shipping company «Nibulon» transported over 3,5 mln t of cargoes along the Ukrainian rivers. For the whole business period (from 2009 to early July this year), the company transported 14,9 mln t in all on inland waterways. By the way, the revival of river passenger transportations in Ukraine is also an achievement of Nibulon.

And to top it all, the shipbuilding and repairing yard of the company in Mykolaiv is almost a single enterprise in Ukraine that constructs complete vessels today. The shipyard has ranked in «TOP-7 revived shipyards of Ukraine» – enterprises that recommenced their operations, made major repairs of their workshops, increased the capacities and moved to a new manufacturing level.

The agricultural holding has invested 600 mln USD just in building its own fleet for the last ten years, and it is now one of the latest and productive shipbuilding enterprises in Ukraine. Due to its upgraded capacities, the shipyard commissions 8-10 ships a year nowadays, depending on the tonnage and complexity of ships. The total number of vessels has come to 75. In the days ahead, the fleet of the company will consist of 100 ships.

«I believe in our country!»

On 20th September this year, a momentous event, International Transport Forum-Exhibition «TRANS EXPO ODESA-MYKOLAIV 2019», took place in Mykolaiv, on the premises of the shipbuilding and repairing yard «Nibulon». As part of this exhibition, a 140-meter self-propelled specialised crane ship NIBULON MAX (project П-140) was officially put in service. At present, it is the longest lift vessel, class «river-sea», under the flag of Ukraine, and the biggest one for the whole history of the building dock of the company. The launching show and parade of the company vessels were exciting and memorable.

But it is definitely not the end of shipbuilding projects of the company. Right after putting a 140-meter ship in service, a new project on reviving shipments of construction materials by river vessels along the Pivdennyi Bug with a volume of 1 mln t of freight per year was started. Within the framework of this project, the shipyard has already started to build two new ships: port tug under project T-140 and non-self-propelled ship under project B1500. Alexeу Afanasievich has lots of plans ahead as well as same number of challenges. But his view of life is special. «For me every year is new opportunities and new knowledge; age is an experience multiplied by an intuitive feeling, skill to analyse tendencies and forecast future trends. Life is fairly interesting, and I may be an eternal optimist, as I always want to see some positive and hope for the best. I believe in our country and its future!» this is a vision of «tomorrow» of General Director of Nibulon.

The team of the company «MediaKompass» and editorial staff of the international maritime magazine «Shipping» congratulate Alexeу Afanasievich with his present and future success! Thank you for raising the economy and prestige of Ukraine as sea state. We wish you many happy returns of the day and inspiration to conquer more and more new peaks, and Nibulon to prosper!



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