Project e5: Japan is actively working on an electric tanker

Japan is actively working on a 62-meter electric tanker project. Back in May last year, seven Japanese companies announced the formation of the «e5 Consortium» to develop, market and commercialize zero-emission electric vessels.


e5 stands for the five core values ​​of the project: electrification, environment, evolution, efficiency and economics. As a first phase of the project, the consortium will work with a previously announced plan to develop the world’s first zero-emission electric tanker powered by high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. The first two 62-meter tankers were ordered by Asahi Tanker. They will be used to deliver fuel to the Tokyo Bay. The power plant is being developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The goal is to launch them in March 2022.

The ship will use digital tools, including various automated equipment, to reduce the workload on the crew and improve operational efficiency. The seven corporate members of the e5 Consortium are focusing on harnessing the power of electric vessels to address the pressing challenges facing Japan’s coastal shipping industry.

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