Airbus аnnounced Technical Innovation Project on the Moon

The purpose of the competition is to develop the technologies necessary for the permanent presence of a person on the moon.

Airbus, a European aerospace corporation, has announced a technical innovation project on the moon.

The competition called «Flight to the Moon» (Moon Race) will be able to participate start-ups, as well as small and medium-sized companies from around the world. This was reported by a division of Airbus Defense & Space at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Bremen, as Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Reception of applications starts at the beginning of 2019, then detailed conditions will be made public.

The competition will be held in four categories: the production and extraction of raw materials, vegetable reproduction on the lunar surface, as well as the generation and accumulation of electricity. In particular, we are talking about the production of various items from lunar raw materials, energy supply on the Moon, the extraction of various raw materials (including water) and the construction of greenhouses.

A jury of independent experts will determine in each category the winners, who will be announced at the next IAC congress in the fall of 2019 in Washington.

Airbus intends with the help of an international competition to promote the study of the Earth satellite, and also to make it possible for it to be explored by humans.

According to the press service of Airbus Defense & Space, the goal is to develop the technologies necessary for the permanent human presence on the moon.

«Before we go to Mars or another distant planet, people must first learn to survive in space. There is radioactive radiation, extreme temperatures, no breathing air, and meteorites falling! How do we deal with this? The best way to find out is create a community on the moon to explore and learn «, — noted on the project page.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has already agreed on the man who will be the first private passenger flying around the moon aboard the BFR launch vehicle. However, so far his name in the company is not called.

Also in August, China showed journalists a photograph of its new lunar rover, which is scheduled to be delivered this year to the far side of the moon using the spacecraft Chang’e-4.


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