Ports refused to accept a Ital Libera, the family of the captain who died from Covid-19 in despair

Almost two months after the death of the Italian captain aboard the Evergreen Ital Libera, his family is still unable to arrange a funeral. Asian ports refuse to accept a ship affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Recall that 61-year-old captain Angelo Kapurro died on April 13, when the ship was in the waters of Indonesia, he was sick with Covid-19. In the past 10 weeks after Kapurro’s death, many Asian ports have closed access to the ship. Force majeure was announced and the ship was rerouted to enter Italy first to repatriate the captain. The desperate situation led the Capurro family to even organize a fundraiser on GoFundMe to try to bring him back to Italian soil.

“We will fight so that this tragedy that has struck us is not archived, ending up in the anonymity of the numbers of forgotten statistics,” Capurro’s daughter Maria Eleonora told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica last month.

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