Help for Ukrainian army

Help for Ukrainian army

We call for an end to the war, we must now support our heroes who are bravely defending our homes. Therefore, we leave the ways of financial assistance to the Ukrainian army.

  • NATIONAL BANK has opened a special account for the needs of the army, fundraising is underway
    — According to the details: UA843000010000000047330992708
    — By link: https: //
    (Account — multicurrency, it is created and opened as for transfer funds from international partners and donors — in foreign currency (US dollars, euros, British pounds, Swiss francs, Australian, Canadian dollars, RMB yuan and yen), and from Ukrainian business and citizens — in national currency.)
  • You can support with the E-SUPPORT card:
  • — By link: / uk / terminal / index / index / id / 118103 /
    — You can also transfer funds from the eSupport card opened in Monobank, PrivatBank or Alfa-Bank — via the APPLICATION.
    (You can use eSupport if you have a «green» COVID-certificate in the Action application.)
  • PrivatBank has added the item «Good» to the menu — you can finally transfer money from BONUS + cards. As with any other account in Privat.
  • Who has the Monobank card and you collected CASHBACK — it can be transferred to the army. In the application, go to the Cashback — Charity tab — select the category «Come back alive».
  • Details of the CRYPT CURRENCY account from the Minister of the Ministry of Finance —

Every action is important in counteracting a military attack on Ukraine. We need your maximum repost!

Together to victory! Glory to Ukraine!

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