50-meter catamaran was delivered to Taiwanese Brave Line

Taiwanese Brave Line has got a 50-meter catamaran delivery from Austal, Philippines shipyard.

The Australian-designed catamaran is the first of two 550 passenger vessels, which was constructed at the Balamban, Cebu.

Also, Austal CEO, David Singleton, mentioned: “This vessel further demonstrates how Austal Philippines has established itself as a trusted and successful shipyard that produces high quality vessels for the worldwide market”.

The two aluminium catamarans will be capable of carrying 552 passengers over 2 decks at a speed of up to 39 knots.

The sum of the contract was USD 31 million.

Furthermore, Austral is building the 109-meter high speed catamaran for Fjord Line of Norway. After works will be completed, this vessel will be capable of carrying up to 1,000 tonnes and transporting more than 1,000 passengers and 425 cars at a speed of over 40 knots.


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