The Port of Rotterdam has developed a digital overview of arrival times to deal with the aftermath of the Suez Crisis

Many ships were detained due to the congestion in the Suez Canal. Since the detained ships arrive in Rotterdam rather quickly, the timetable is constantly changing. This created a lot of confusion for market participants regarding the time of arrival of their ships. To remedy the situation at least a little, the Port Authority of Rotterdam, a subsidiary of PortBase and five terminals have developed a digital overview of arrival times in real time. It is available at


The overview on the PortBase website is unique in that it provides market participants with an overview of the timetables of all terminals in the Port of Rotterdam. It is now the most reliable source of information on ship arrival times.

Allard Kastelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam, notes: “We are delighted to be able to offer our clients digital solutions. Forwarders that need to collect containers from the Port of Rotterdam can use this real-time digital overview to take the necessary preparations well in advance of the vessel’s arrival in the Port of Rotterdam. This can accelerate the smooth handling of containers and certainly of cargo that is now arriving later in Rotterdam as a consequence of the Suez Canal obstruction.”

“Shipping” magazine Odesa

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