Major investment in scrubbers of Stena Bulk

Swedish tanker shipping company Stena Bulk has made a major investment in scrubbers as it decided to install exhaust gas cleaning systems on sixteen of its vessels.

As informed, 16 of companies vessels will be equipped with the after-treatment system.

The total investment will be USD 55 million. This costs cover equipment, installation and time out of service.

Payback time of investment is between 1,5 and 2,5 years.

By installing scrubbers on board, Stena Bulk intends to comply with the upcoming IMO 2020 sulphur cap regulation, which limits the sulphur content in fuel oil used on board vessels globally to a maximum of 0.5% from today´s 3.5% limit. As a result of the new regulation, the global shipping fleet will by January 1, 2020, be required to either install scrubbers on board or to use a compliant fuel.

“We evaluated the different options and came to the conclusion that for our business by installing scrubbers we will secure greater availability of fuel for our vessels and by so limit our exposure to not finding the right fuel around the world and by that stay flexible in our trading. Even doing so we know it will require some changes and probably massive challenges in the planning logistically,” President & CEO Erik Hånell said.

The scrubber to be installed is an open loop hybrid ready with water cleaning, which not only removes the sulfur but also particles from the exhaust.

In addition to the equipment, the most important part to make all work are the people working with it, according to Stena Bulk.


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