Strategic alliance of RINA and Fortune Technologies

RINA aims to widen its presence in the maritime market, and in particular within the digital technology sector.

This will be achieved by further developing the RINACube digital platform with Fortune Technologies, which provides IT and maritime ERP systems.

By leveraging RINA’s network and know-how, as well as Fortune Technologies’ specialization in maritime ERP, the two companies seek to provide integrated solutions and applications to the shipping industry.

Fortune Technologies is a Maritime Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solutions partner. Through this collaboration, shipping companies are expected to have even greater access to Microsoft technology while enjoying worldwide support from RINA.

“We are excited to partner with RINA because this partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts,” George Frydas, Managing Director, Fortune Technologies, said.

“Our combined energies will help our customers with greater insight in order to make more informed decisions in the current competitive shipping environment,” he added.

“To provide digital solutions to the marine market, not only covering traditional services such as ship classification but also contributing to adding value to shipowner’s assets, RINA is investing in a network of reliable partners like Fortune Technologies to expand the potential of RINACube,” Paolo Moretti, Executive Vice President Marine, RINA, explained.

“Thanks to powerful analytics and machine learning, our digital platform is already able to convert data into useful actionable information to provide, among other services, efficient ship performance management,” Moretti further said.

Cooperation has already begun and the duo will unveil more details shortly.


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