Maersk and DB Schenker will create new eco-friendly cargo transportation

Danish shipping major Maersk and DB Schenker, that partnered up in 2014, are putting their heads together to create more sustainable, environmentally-friendly transportation networks around the globe.

“We’re on the same page with our carriers and the transportation providers who are striving for higher levels of environmental sustainability and less pollution,” Andrea Schön, DB Schenker’s Corporate Climate Protection Manager, said.

“We work together to hold the flag and are putting our heads together to come up with better fuel products like non-fossil and low sulfur fuel blends,”Schön added.

As part of the partnership, DB Schenker and Maersk agreed to establish a CO2 target to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% per container transported from 2014-2020 for DB Schenker’s business with Maersk. As a result of Maersk’s fuel efficiency efforts, the parties met this target in 2018 – 2 years early.

Sustainability transcends just transportation. Climate change was a major theme at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, where panel discussions on global warming, ocean sustainability, and biodiversity all drew large crowds.


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