Interlegal continues the successful practice of accompanying ship repair

A large shipbuilding enterprise applied to Interlegal on debt recovery for vessel repair. The Client fulfilled its contractual obligations and the Debtor had no claims in respect of work quality, but payment for repair works was not made within the prescribed term.

Negotiations between the Parties did not facilitate the desired result and Interlegal lawyers filed a claim to the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on debt and fine recovery.

Case specification meant that the contractual Arbitration Clause covered the Shipowner itself, while the contract was signed by the Vessel Manager.

MAC at the UCCI supported Interlegal lawyers’ position, satisfied the claim and charged debt from the Shipowner in full.

Interlegal junior lawyer Igor Derus and lawyer Mikhail Selivanov, under general supervision of senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya, led the case.


Black Sea law firm Interlegal is a company specialized in the Transport, Shipping and International Trade fields since 1995.

Interlegal is considered as one-stop-shop for business in the countries of the Black/ Azov seas (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria) and Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan). The company also closely cooperates with associated offices in 29 countries.


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