Novorossiisk bunker loadings expected to slow on strong winds

Maritime operations in the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk are expected to slow amid strong winds, shipping and bunker sources said Friday. In the last couple of weeks, the region has been exposed to gale-force winds and these have returned to the port and slowed down loadings, one bunker supplier said, Hellenicshippingnews reported.

One source said that the Sheskharis terminal has already been closed, adding that it might remain nonoperational until October 10, due to the high winds. Wind speeds of up to 40-50 knots have been reported in the area. However, activity at the port Friday morning was heard to be busy, likely in an attempt to conclude any deals before weather conditions sour.

Two large deals were heard concluded Friday morning, one for the delivery of 1,400 mt and the other for 1,500 mt of bunker fuel. The deals were heard made at $324/mt and $322/mt for 380 CST IFO, at slightly lower levels than the prices heard for standard 400-500 mt stem deliveries.

Shipowners when possible tend to prefer to bunker in Novorossiisk rather than other ports in the Black Sea region like Istanbul, as prices tend to be $10-20/mt more economical.

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