CargoSmart: Carriers’ Reliability Slightly Down in March

Carriers’ on-time schedule reliability decreased by 1.6%, from 59.6% in February 2018 to 58% in March 2018, latest data from intelligence provider CargoSmart shows. Reviewing schedule reliability by trade, seven of the 12 trades decreased from February 2018 to March 2018. The Europe-Middle East trade experienced the largest decrement in reliability, decreasing by 23.6% from 68% in February 2018 to 44.4% in March 2018. The North America-Oceania trade experienced the largest improvement in reliability, increasing by 13.2%, from 77.7% in February 2018 to 90.9% in March 2018, which was also the highest reliability among the 12 trades. 14 of the 22 carriers experienced varying degrees of decreasing schedule reliability from February 2018 to March 2018.

The top five most reliable carriers in March 2018 were:

  • MCC
  • Wan Hai
  • Safmarine
  • ANL
  • CMA CGM with an average on-time performance of 79.2%, 69.2%, 68.9%, 65.9%, and 65.3% respectively.

Taking a look at the first quarter of 2018, the overall schedule reliability increased slightly from 59.4% in January to 59.6% in February, and then went down to 58% in March. Compared to the same period last year, the reliability continued to increase from 55.7% in January 2017 to 63.3% in March 2017.Reviewing the schedule reliability by carrier and the top five most reliable carriers in the first quarter of 2017 and 2018, MCC was at the top of both lists as it had the highest monthly average reliability of 82.1% in Q1 2017 and 75.2% in Q1 2018. It was followed by Safmarine, which had an average reliability of 72.2% in Q1 2017 and 69.2% in Q1 2018. Wan Hai was in the fourth place in 2017 and went up to the third place in 2018 with an average reliability of 67.4% in Q1 2017 and 67.0% in Q1 2018. CNC and ANL were new to the top five list this year with 66.9% and 66.7% reliability in Q1 2018.


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