All charges were dropped from the Ukrainian captain, after 5 years of being held in Sri Lanka, he will return home — MTWTU

The Union of Maritime Transport Workers of Ukraine reported on the Facebook page that all charges against the Ukrainian captain Gennady Gavrilov had been dropped. He returns home. It is worth noting that he was held in Sri Lanka for 5 years. Gennady Gavrilov was the captain of the AVANT GARDE (IMO 8107036, flag of Sri Lanka), which was under the control of a Sri Lankan company and was involved in ensuring safety at sea and preventing pirate attacks.

Photo:  Oleg I. Grygoriuk

“Friends, lately there are so few reasons for joy, but today is the day when I am really glad! Our good friend and colleague Gennady Gavrilov, a Ukrainian captain, illegally convicted in Sri Lanka, received a long-awaited court decision and all charges were dropped from him! Sincere thanks to our brothers from the Sri Lankan Seafarers’ Union for their continued help and support in resolving this dramatic situation! We also thank our colleagues from the International Transport Workers ’Federation, lawyers and management for their constant work and assistance. We are already starting preparations for organizing the return of Captain Gavrilov to his homeland, ”said trade union representative Oleg Grigoryuk.

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