Port of Los Angeles to reward terminals for higher truck productivity

Stimulation — this is the method of increasing productivity chosen at the Port of Los Angeles. The administration hopes that the incentive system will help keep the port operational. They promise that the system will be convenient for everyone.

As labor shortages continue to increase handling times, the Port of Los Angeles has launched an incentive program to move trucks faster and more efficiently through its container terminals. Incentive programs offer terminal operators two ways to receive financial rewards: one for reducing the time it takes to process an unloading or receiving cargo, and the other for completing both operations in a single truck trip. Under a new incentive program approved by the Los Angeles Harbor Commission, terminals that cut truck queue times by 5–20% can receive $ 0.50 to $ 2.75 per 20-foot container loaded or empty.

If the average wait time is 35 minutes or less, the maximum bid is $ 3. Port Executive Director Jin Seroka said, “These best practices are needed more than ever to relieve pressure on the supply chain. Ports become more productive when a truck delivers one container and departs with another in one trip. We will reward terminals for the best performance. ” To participate, container terminals must register and provide additional data on truck movements, which will be collected and processed by the Port Optimiser tool.

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