HOEGH PUSAN car carrier runs aground in the Marmara Sea, near Istanbul

The news portal Fleetmon reports that a car carrier HOEGH PUSAN (renamed MARGARET N in February 2021) ran aground at about 11:40 pm yesterday in the Sea of ​​Marmara, in the Istanbul area. The vessel has been in Tuzla since January 2021, probably for conversion into a livestock carrier. As of 04:00 UTC on 20 April, the vessel is still aground. An operation is underway, tugs have been brought in.


Note that HOEGH PUSAN is a car carrier built in 1997 and flying the Singapore flag. Its carrying capacity is 13695 dwt and its current draft is reported to be 7 meters. Its total length (LOA) is 179.47 meters and its width is 32.2 meters.

Shipping Magazine Odessa

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