The sulphur-sniffing drone will prevent from ship pollution

A large drone  will be powered in Denmark to check emissions from ships in its waters and to make sure they comply with the sulphur limits.

The sulphur-sniffing drone, provided by the European Maritime Safety Agency, would be activated in the coming months, according to the Danish Maritime Authority. The equipment would be used as a means of preventing ship pollution.

Entering the ship’s exhaust gas plume, the drone can register the amount of sulphur in the fuel. These data are immediately available to Danish authorities, who can follow up if a ship does not comply with the requirements.

The drone will operate in an area north of The Great Belt, where many large tankers pass when going to and from the Baltic Sea. The drone’s first first sulphur mission in the area was undertaken on April 11.

“The project will contribute to a more efficient enforcement of the sulphur rules, thereby ensuring fair competition for shipping companies and less pollution from ships,” the Danish Maritime Authority


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