Seaspan Marine unveils $1.5 million training simulator facility

Seaspan Marine Transportation unveiled a new marine simulator facility, the first and only of its kind in North America, in its North Vancouver office, Canada.

The simulator, which required an investment of approximately $1.5 million dollars, is described by the company as the «cornerstone»of a $6.5-million, multi-year safety and training program.

This world-class training program has been developed in collaboration with SeaWays Global, the international standard bearer in tug training, simulation, auditing and assessments. As part of this multimillion-dollar agreement, Seaspan Marine and SeaWays have developed a customized, first-of-its-kind training program aimed at ship docking and ship assists in our ports.

The new marine simulators are a key component of this training program. The facility provides advanced educational opportunities for Seaspan Marine mariners, giving them access to continuous, real-time training. The simulator training will set a new industry benchmark for safety training, environmental performance and operational efficiency.

The two fully-enclosed simulators feature 17 computers and 12 displays, providing a floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree environmental visual that completely immerses trainees in real-world scenarios. The result of these, and other specialized features, is a completely interactive and dynamic educational environment.

«You might think that a grand opening of a marine simulator facility is all about an investment in technology. But for us here at Seaspan, it’s all about an investment in people. Acquiring or building modern modern vessels with the latest technology is only part of the solution, and quite frankly it’s the easy part,»said Frank Butzelaar, CEO of Seaspan Marine, during the facility’s official unveiling.


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