New contract of Meercat Boats

Meercat Boats — the producer of steel multirole workboats, was awarded by the build contract for Guernsey Harbours’ workboat.

The Meercat M15 is a 15.6m steel multirole vessel featuring a new side wheelhouse configuration, which will be built at Meercat Boats’ design and build facility in the Port of Southampton (UK).

Jim Mair, Technical Manager of Meercat Boats commented,“As well as Meercat’s broad portfolio of proven workboat designs on offer, our main differentiator is our unrivalled ability to work with our customers in order to fully tailor a vessel to their specific needs.”

New workboat will provide a modern, safe and highly manoeuvrable working platform, with the addition of increased deck space and crane capacity, to carry out a wide range of duties.

The design of the vessel will provide improved safety and comfort for our maintenance team.  It will be ready for a wide range of tasks, including towage, equipment transportation, infrastructure repairs, beacon and buoy maintenance and commercial diving activities. The ability to be able to work closely with the design team at Meercat will enable us to achieve the right vessel for the ever-demanding role that is required now and for the future of Guernsey Harbours.


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