Italian Railway Network to order Ro-Ro ship

A 147-meter Ro-Ro ship was ordered by the Italian Railway Network from a temporary joint venture composed of Officine Meccaniche Navali, T. Mariotti, and Fonderie San Giorgio del Porto.

The three shipbuilders mentioned above joined forces to win the European tender for a Ro-Ro that would transport railway carriages and wagons, passengers, and vehicles.

The 2,500 GT vessel is to be built in fourteen months, under an investment worth EUR 48 million (USD 54.3 million).

Three azimuth thrusters with variable pitch will propel the ferry to a speed of 18 knots while maneuverability will be ensured with two transverse thrusters.

The new ferry will be certified by the Italian Naval Registry and will operate in the Strait of Messina between Sicily and Calabria.


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