Crowley Maritime Corporation released its LNG-powered ship

Crowley Maritime Corporation christened its LNG-powered Commitment Class combination container/roll on-roll off ship El Coquí on Saturday at the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal in Jacksonville, Fla.

“It’s remarkable to see the transition. Whether it’s going from Ro/Ro to Lo/Lo, the LNG fuel, putting a car house on the back of a container ship, you name it, you go through the transition of what we did to build a ship and create a supply chain that nobody else can match. And it’s here today.”

The ship is the first of two vessels built as part of Crowley’s Commitment Class project. The sister ship Taíno is in the final phases of construction and testing at VT Halter Marine’s shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss. The vessel is expected to be delivered later this year.

The ships will be fueled in Jacksonsville where Eagle LNG constructed an LNG bunker fuel station for the newbuilds.


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