Christening ceremony for the next-generation LNG carrier

Company Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has held a christening ceremony for the new LNG carrier, which was named Marvel Crane currently under construction for Japan-based Mitsui & Co.

New design not only the benefit of new ship. There are a new fuel performance,  growth efficiency of hull structure and hybrid propulsion system.

Completion is scheduled for March 2019, after which the 79,000 dwt vessel will be put into service, transporting LNG for the Cameron LNG Project in the U.S., in which Mitsui & Co. is participating.

Details: Marvel Crane has a length of 293 meters and a width of 48.9 meters with total tank holding capacity of 177,000 m3 and it is the first of two LNG carriers of the same design being constructed for Mitsui & Co.


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