Arctic Shipping Forum 2018

Announcing Arctic Shipping Forum 2018, Europe’s Leading Event for Networking, Regulatory Updates and Technical Insights Within the Arctic Shipping Community

Resource rich, strikingly beautiful and positioned between some of the world’s largest trading blocs, the Arctic’s economic potential is still largely untapped. Harsh and inhospitable conditions have long been a natural barrier against development in the region. But a range of factors are combining to drive the expansion of maritime activity in the high north, including warming oceans, improving vessel technology, increased interest from the tourism sector and the depletion of easily accessible fossil fuel reserves elsewhere in the world.

Taking place on the 17th to the 20th April 2018 in Helsinki, Arctic Shipping Forum is Europe’s leading venue for discussing the Arctic’s emerging role as a new hotbed of maritime commerce. The most comprehensive event of its kind available to the industry, the forum also features continuous live translation from English into Russian, bringing the international community of Arctic stakeholders together. Each year regulators, ship owners, technologies providers and others attend the forum to network, get a feel for the state of the market, and discover solutions to the challenges facing the sector.

Alongside some of the topics of perennial importance to the industry, the 2018 event will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from insurers on the factors that influence risk evaluation in Arctic waters, and from class societies on their interpretation of the Polar Code. There will also be two optional seminars on the final day of the conference, one on managing emergency response in ice-covered waters, and the other on planning and operating cruise voyages in the Arctic.

Key Topics for 2018’s Arctic Shipping Forum:

  • Ballast water systems and new methods of propulsion for ice-going vessels.
  • The potential for satellite mapping in Northern latitudes.
  • Risk assessment and emergency response, including for LNG tankers.
  • Development of the Northern Sea Route.
  • Updates on US Coast Guard Policy for Arctic Waters.
  • Planning expeditionary cruise voyages in the Arctic.
  • Training criteria for ice navigation courses.

Leading Speakers:

  • Konstantin Globenko, Deputy General Director of Civil Shipbuilding, Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Repair Center (FESRC)
  • Mikhail Belkin, Assistant to the Director General, Rosatomflot
  • Edda Falk, Communications Manager, Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO)
  • Kevin Kiefer, Deputy Director, Marine Transportation Systems Directorate, United States Coast Guard
  • Mårten Sandblom, Regional Loss Control Manager (Marine Europe North and CIS), AIG
  • Keld Qvistgaard, Client Relations Manager/Senior Ice Advisor, Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Tim Keane, Senior Manager, Arctic Operations and Projects, Fednav
  • Morten Mejlaender Larsen, Discipline Leader – Arctic Operations, Approval Center Norway at DNV GL

Join over 150 attendees and 60 expert speakers in Helsinki this coming April for Europe’s leading Arctic shipping conference. Find out more>>


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