Moin container terminal in Costa Rica to administrate 12 container ships

Moin container terminal in Costa Rica will see 12 container ships diverted to docks administered by Costa Rica’s port authority JAPDEVA.

The port authority confirmed that the boxships would be served over a five-day period, until May 26.

The decision to divert the ships was made to avoid disruption to operations after the terminal experienced issues with one of the transformers.

Moin, a new container terminal in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Costa Rica, was inaugurated in March 2019, after handling its first vessel in October 2018.

The terminal has a 650-meter long pier and a container yard with the capacity to hold 26,000 TEUs, including power connection capacity for 3,800 refrigerated containers. Its six gantry cranes and the 29-yard cranes allow the terminal to perform an average of 180 movements per hour for loading and unloading.


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